Get To Know Mike Rowe

If a face doesn’t come to your mind when you hear the name Mike Rowe, let us remind you that he’s the creator and host of the show Dirty Jobs. We’re excited to announce that Mike Rowe is now one of the proud partners of Marketplace Events, producers of Central Kentucky Home & Garden Show! Mike Rowe is also an accomplished writer with his book called, “The Way I Heard It” based off his podcasts and a vivacious host and executive producer of multiple series, Deadliest Catch and Returning the Favor. Mike began his stardom singing in the Baltimore Opera and this opened a ton of doors for him. He then landed a position on the QVC Cable Shopping Channel, selling anything under the sun through the early hours of the morning. But, his most proud moment is his show Dirty Jobs, which began as a tribute to his grandfather and easily transformed cable television. 
During a Q + A, Mike was asked some questions about being a homeowner. Here's some advice he has for homeowners: 
“I wish people understood how much they could save by making biweekly payments instead of monthly. It’s simple, and for most people doable. An easy way to save a small fortune.”
Who doesn’t want to save a small fortune? This is some great advice for new homeowners that don’t know much about how to save some money on your mortgage. Mike says it’s possible and that everyone can do it, even you! He also has a great standpoint on what the word “home” means to him. Mike says, “Home is the place we start from. Every other place, no matter how homey, is just an address.” Everyone's goal is to make their house “homey” because after all “home is where the heart is!” The Central Kentucky Home & Garden Show is here to give you some inspiration on all things ‘homey’.
Something you probably don’t know about Mike is that he is the creator of a non-profit foundation called the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. His foundation debunks popular myths and misperceptions about the skilled trades and helps close the skill gap. These myths and misperceptions directly impact the home improvement industry because every homeowner is essentially part of the home improvement industry, whether you dabble in small home improvement projects around your home or make a living from flipping houses. Mike says, the foundation is “committed to supporting the local builders, remodelers, installers, repairmen, and all skilled tradespeople who do the jobs that most people are unable or untrained to do.” The mikeroweWORKS foundation awards financial assistance to people getting trained for skilled jobs that are in high demand through its Work Ethic Scholarship Program. Since the start of the foundation, more than $5 million has been granted or helped facilitate the granting of technical and vocational education. Learn more about the foundation by following this link: 
We are so thankful that Mike Rowe is a partner of Marketplace Events, producers of the Central Kentucky Home & Garden Show, and we could not be more proud of all the accomplishments he has made thus far. Mike says, “There’s not many places left like these local home and garden shows where homeowners can meet with their local experts, get trusted advice, talk price, look them in the eyes, shake their hand and decide for themselves, yes, I’m good with letting this company in my home.” We could not agree more, Mike! Mike will be making appearances at select shows. Cross your fingers that he’ll be at a show near you! 
Mar 6, 2020, 15:06 PM