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Tree Of The Field, LLC

Tree Of The Field, LLC
P.O. Box 717
Berea KY
Booth: 1138


Company Description:

Tree Of The Field is the hottest Agritech Business in Kentucky. The only people who need to visit our web site and booth are people who have ever been bitten by mosquitos. Our flagship product is the mighty Skeeterlog®, a smoke dispersed natural fire log, provides effective repellency as tested and demonstrated at the UK Entomology Lab.

Come see the Skeeterlog®, the "We Dig KY" Chiminea color collection, and the Kentucky Steel Chimney, then take back the great outdoors for you and your family.

In 2021, Tree Of the Field determined to support mental health by encouraging outdoor recreation and quality time around outdoor fire pits and campfires. You are invited to escape the screen, leave the isolation and enjoy the rejuvenation of sharing a fireside moment with others. This goal led to the development of the KY Bourbon Barrel log, a seasoned fire log for distinguished pleasure.

Booth Number 1113 is presenting a "Build Your Own Pit Kit" activity where fire burning kits are custom assembled to meet your preferences. Choose your own Firestarter, then move on to the kindlin category. Do you prefer natural hardwood or bourbon seasoning. Load the food safe fire fuel and then select 2 novelty logs from: Skeeterlogs, Bourbon Barrel Logs, Apple Logs, Hickory Logs. Finish off with your choice of an After Glow item including a Tree Seed Pen, A Pollinator Pen or a Bourbon Air Freshener for your auto.

The complete, customized "Build Your Own Pit Kit" can be used for multiple fires, will be boxed in your own biodegradable Pit Kit Box, and it cost less than $50.00.

Show Specials:

Why wait to enjoy the proprietary, natural aroma of the the KY Bourbon Barrel products. Go to our web site, select any product and you will receive a free KY Bourbon Air Freshener that can be hung in your auto, home or office.

New Products

The Skeeterlog® line has expanded to feature the Steel Chimney being made in Liberty, KY. The Bourbon Barrel logs are being made in Knox County. The Bourbon Air Fresheners are from Clarkson Kentucky.

Certifications & Awards

Small Business Association Pace Setter Award

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